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  1. Speech Work: Stressing Words
  2. Structure: Adverbs of Place
  3. Vocabulary Development: Mining
  4. Composition: Formal Letters
  5. Literature: Use recommended text ‘The Triumph of Doggedness ‘ by Stephen Ekwealormmeh

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Stressing Words

Meaning of the Word Stress

In words of more than one syllable, there will be one syllable which is more heavily stressed than the others. We say that this syllable carries the primary stress (e.g. apartment). In some longer words, other syllables may carry secondary stress. The most important thing is to recognize where the primary stress is—and remember it can change between words derived from the same base (e.g. photograph, photograph, photographic).

If you stress a word incorrectly, it can be difficult to understand, so it is important to learn how a word is stressed at the same time as you learn how to pronounce it.

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