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  1. Meaning of Free and Fair Elections
  2. The Features of Free and Fair Elections
  3. The Stages of Election


Meaning of Free and Fair Elections

Free and fair election is a necessary condition for a democratic government. A free and fair election refers to one conducted in an atmosphere devoid of harassment, intimidation and other coercive means in order to bend the will of voters and according to constitutional procedure. It produces legitimate government.


The Features of Free and Fair Elections

  1. Fair Delimitation of Constituencies: The country should be divided into constituencies in such a way that the electorates are fairly represented. Equal constituencies should return equal number of representatives.
  2. Independent and Impartial electoral Commission: There should be in existence an independent electoral commission established by the constitution. The commission should be free from government intervention in the conduct of elections. The commission should be non–partisan and should also inspire the confidence of the people.

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