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  1. Meaning of the Civil Service Commission
  2. Functions of the Civil Service Commission
  3. The Relationship between the Civil Service and the Political Executives


Meaning of the Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is a body independent of the civil service itself, established by the government to administer the civil service. The commission is insulated from partisan politics and is made up of a full time chairman, some full-time and some part-time commissioners. The chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission is appointed by the President, while that of the state is appointed by the governor. Members should be people of proven integrity and good education.


Functions of the Civil Service Commission

  1. Recruitment of highly qualified personnel into the civil service, bases upon good educational qualifications and performance in competitive written examination and interviews.
  2. The civil service commission promotes competent and productive senior civil servants from one grade to another.
  3. It can transfer civil servants from one department to another.

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