1. Background to the 1989 Presidential Constitution (Third Republic)
  2. Features of 1989 Presidential Constitution
  3. Merits of 1989 Presidential Constitution
  4. Demerits of 1989 Presidential Constitution
  5. Common Features in the Past and Present Constitutions in Nigeria


Background to the 1989 Presidential Constitution (Third Republic)

At the end of 1983, it had become clear that the 1979 constitution had failed. The Shagari/Ekwueme administration was overthrown by Buhari on the31st of December, 1983. The military suspended the 1979 constitution and ruled by decrees and edicts. Buhari government was overthrown by Babaginda in 1985, and in 1987 the 1979 constitution was reviewed and was approved by the Armed Forces Ruling Council in 1989. The 1989 constitution adopted the 1979 constitution with some amendments.

The political bureau was established on 13 January 1986 with seventeen members. It collated the views of Nigerians on nation’s political future and wrote a report on this for Constitution Review Committee (CRC). The CRC was inaugurated on 7 September, 1987 with forty-six members to use the recommendations of the political bureau in reviewing the 1963 and 1979 republican constitutions.

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