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  1. Meaning of industry
  2. Classification of Industries
  3. Factors Affecting the Location of Industries
  4. Problems of Industrial Location


Meaning of Industry

It is a general business activity that is concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacturing of goods into semi – finished or finished products.


Classification of Industries

Industries are of 3 different types namely (i) Primary (ii) Secondary (iii) Tertiary industries.

1. Primary Industries

They are those industries involved in the extraction (removing) of raw materials provided by nature, e.g. mining, fishing, lumbering, farming and livestock production.

2. Secondary Industries

They turn raw materials into consumable or finished goods, e.g. construction, building textile, ship building, iron and steel and chemical industries.

3. Tertiary Industries

They are concerned with rending services. Examples include direct services like trading, banking, teaching, medical and transportation. It can be indirect services like the police, soldiers, custom etc.

Industries can also be classified into local craft or cottage industries and manufacturing industries.


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