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  1. The Meaning of Feudalism
  2. Features of Feudalism
  3. The Merits of Feudalism
  4. The Demerits of Feudalism

The Meaning of Feudalism

This is a political system, which recognizes two strata of the society (the nobles and the peasants). The nobles are the landowners who own all the means of production under the feudal system. On the other hand, the peasants or the down trodden are landless and live solely on their labour. In feudal states, the major focus are landlords, peasants and agriculture. Feudalism was widely practiced in Nigeria even up to recent history.

Features of Feudalism

The following are the features of feudalism:

  1. Political power flows from the top to the bottom i.e. it is hierarchical, starting from the empire to the least state on the ring.
  2. It is solely based on land ownership
  3. The subjects are compulsorily loyal to the lords and nobles.
  4. It is exploitative because it succeeds to the detriment of the serfs.

The Merits of Feudalism

The merits or advantages of feudalism are as follows:

  1. It promoted the spirit of liberty.

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