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  1. Areas of Use
  2. Problems with GIS Implementation in Nigeria


Areas of Use

1. Defense:

Many national security decisions involve geography, whether assessing potential terrorist targets, planning where to strike on the battle fields or deciding where to locate a new building with minimal environmental impact, geography always comes into the equation. GIS increasingly important role in making these types of decisions. GIS software gives you the tools to unlock and reveal meaningful patterns in your geospatial data and provide the intelligence support you need for mission success.

2. Mapping:

GIS is used as an important inventory visualization and analysis tool in the study of local communities’ development and for local advocacy. GIS is frequently used for inventory and display arrant condition (demographics land use, zoning, transportation, services and is often used to analyze access to community services and to advocate for new services.

3. Urban Planning and Development:

Policy map provides easy ways to map publicly available housing and foreclosure data from housing and urban development’s, planners and citizens frequently call for policies to shape growth in a way that will reduce rates of increase in land consumption.

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