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  1. Meaning of Mass Movement
  2. Factors that Affect Mass Movement
  3. Types of Mass Movement
  4. Major Types of Mass Movement and their Processes


Meaning of Mass Movement

Mass movement can be defined as the movement of weathered materials down slope under the force or influence of gravity. Such movement may be slow, gradual or sudden depending on the steepness of the slope. The size or weight of weathered materials determines the speed of the movement. Usually rain water serves as lubricant to the weathered materials or debris. It is otherwise known as mass wasting.


Factors that Affect Mass Movement

1. The gradient or steepness of slopes:

The rate of movement of materials is naturally faster on steeper slopes than on gentle slopes. Mass movement is pronounced in areas with steep slopes where the weathered layer is deep and the weathered materials are loose.

2. The nature and weight of materials:

Mass movement is rapid on steep slopes where the weathered layer is quite deep and the materials are loosely held together.

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