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  1. Meaning of Legislature
  2. Functions of the Legislature
  3. Types of Legislature
  4. The Stages of Passing a Bill into Law
  5. Honesty and Integrity in the Legislature


Meaning of Legislature

Legislature is the organ or arm of government that is assigned the function of law making. The legislature is given different names in different countries like National or State Assembly in Nigeria, Parliament as in Britain, Congress as in United States etc. The legislature can also be one or two houses depending on the country.

Functions of the Legislature

The following are the functions of the legislature:

  1. Law Making: Making of laws that direct and guide the affairs of the nation.
  2. Amendment of the Constitution: It is also the duty of the legislature to amend the constitution of a country.
  3. Approval of Appointments: Another function of the legislature is to approve the appointments made by president or prime minister of a country.

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