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  1. Meaning of the Press
  2. Meaning of Press Freedom


Meaning of the Press

The press is one of the important institutions in the practice of government and also a major foundation for true democracy. The press is in most cases referred to as the Fourth Estate of the Realm, i.e. the fourth arm of government. The press can further be described as the sum of all the organizations and systems that make up the mass media of any given society.

The press or mass media includes all agents of public opinion and the watch dog that speaks through the voice or by the pen, who gather, analyze and disseminate information via electronic gadgets or by documentary channels. Some are called journalists while others are called newscasters. They relate information from the government to the people and from the people back to the government, without bias, prejudice, fear or favor.

Meaning of Press Freedom

Free press is otherwise known as press freedom. This is the situation where by the press has the opportunity to freely express its opinion and views on national issues.

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