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Types and Uses/Functions of;

  • Portable Power Tools.


Before any wood can be used, it has to be cut from the forest and transported to a sawmill where further cutting to marketable sizes is carried out. Even after sawmilling operation, i.e conversion processes, pieces produced from the sawing of the log will still undergo some kind of sawing to bits and pieces in the attempt to produce a work piece.

In the modern day sawing, through improved technology, various machines are now available mainly to cut wood accurately and much faster.

Portable Powered Hand Tools

Some portable hand tools used in woodwork projects are as follows:

(i) Belt sander.

(ii) Hand drill.

(iii) Fret saw.

Some examples/types of woodwork machines used in woodwork projects include:

(i) Circular saw.

(ii) Band saw.

(iii) Wood lathe.

(iv) Power drill.

(v) Surface planer.

(vi) Jig saw.

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