1. Earth’s Movements
  2. Meaning and Effects of Rotation of the Earth
  3. Meaning and Effects of Revolution of the Earth
  4. Differences between Rotation and Revolution of the Earth


Earth’s Movements

The earth moves in space in two different ways. They are (a) Rotation (b) Revolution.


Meaning and Effects of Rotation of the Earth

Meaning of Rotation of the Earth

The earth rotates on its axis from west to east in every 24 hours through 3600. This is why it is said that there are twenty four hours (24) in a day. It rotates through 150 in 1 hour or 10 in 4 minutes. The rotating earth is inclined at an angle of 23½0 along its axis.

Effects of Rotation of the Earth

1. Day and Night

As the earth rotates from west to east only one part of the earth facing the sun experiences daylight while other part of the earth backing the sun’s ray will experience darkness (night).

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