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  1. Meaning, nature, scope and value of Geography.
  2. Town/Village- Physical features and Cultural features
  3. Direction and Location of physical and cultural features within thetown/village.
  4. Influence of these features on human activities


Meaning, nature, scope and value of Geography

Meaning of Geography

The word geography is derived from two Greek words “geo” meaning the earth and “graph” meaning to describe. The words grouped together formed the definition of Geography. Geography therefore, can simply be defined as the “description of the earth”.

However, Geography is more than mere description of the earth. Hence, it is both defined as the study of people, their activities, places and physical features within the earth.

Scope and Nature of Geography

Geography is a social science subject which deals with the study of man, his activities within the environment and the physical things within the earth.

In order words, Geography studies different people in different places and their activities like farming, trading, fishing, manufacturing and construction.

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