1. Meaning of Local Geography
  2. The Village
  3. The Town
  4. Physical and Cultural Features of a Town/Village
  5. Direction and Location of Physical and Cultural Features within the Town/Village
  6. Influences of Physical Features on Human Activities


Meaning of Local Geography

Local Geography has to do with the study of both physical and socio-cultural aspects of our immediate environment (i.e. our society). The locality include the Village, Town, Local Government Area and the State.


The Village

Meaning of Village

A village is a small nucleated rural settlement formed from the combination of several hamlets, contains several hundred or a thousand of people with limited services and social amenities.

Characteristics of a Village

A village is characterized by the following:

  1. Relatively small area of land.
  2. Homogenous people i.e. people that know one another very well.
  3. People with the same cultural background and language.
  4. A simple and quiet life style.
  5. Few buildings and population ranging from one family to few hundreds of people.

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