1. Meaning of Farm Power
  2. Sources of Farm Power

Meaning of Farm Power

Power is defined as the energy or force that can be used to do work. It is measured in watts (w) and kilowatts (kw). It is expressed as work done over time taken. \(P = \frac{force × distance}{time}\) Farm power can therefore be described as any source of energy used in carrying out farm operations or the various sources of energy used in doing farm work. In all these operations, human power is by far the earliest source of power available on the farm and this is considered to be the very important in all activities carried out on the farm.  

Sources of Farm Power

The common sources of Farm Power are: Human, Animal, Mechanical, Solar, Wind, Electrical, Water, Fuel and Bio gas.

1. Human Power

This refers to human being as a source of energy for doing farm work. This source of power involves many people than all other sources of power. The energy dissipated during work is rated to be about 75 watts. Human labour used as power in the farm may be skilled or unskilled. It can also be hired or supplied by the family members. Human power is commonly used with traditional tools and it is mobile, hence it should be handled with care.

Advantages of Human Power

  1. It is a cheap source of power compared to machines
  2. Man uses his intelligence to control all other sources of farm power.
  3. It can be controlled.
  4. It brings about least damage to the crops, animals and their products.
  5. Human power is easily available

Disadvantages of Human Power

  1. Output is very low as it can only work for few hours.
  2. Man can easily get fatigued
  3. Human beings can get sick and eventually die.
  4. Human beings cannot do heavy jobs such as clearing, ridging, weeding for a long time.
  5. If trained or specialized, it may be expensive.

2. Animal Power

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