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  1. Speech Work: Speaking Skills – Argument, Debate
  2. Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Agriculture (Forestry)
  3. Reading Comprehension: Reading for Critical Evaluation – ‘Foreign Exchange Alternatives’ (NOSEC, pages 137 – 138)
  4. Structure: Kinds of Adverbs (e.g. time, place, manner, purpose, etc)
  5. Writing Skills: Expository (Guided Writing) ‘Improving family functioning through love, cooperation, communication mutual respect, trust and confidence’;
  6. Summary: Exercise – Use any WAEC/NECO summary question


ASPECT: Speaking Skills

TOPIC: Debate

Meaning of Debate

A debate is a form of discussion where different opinions are expressed on an issue. It involves using convincing logical arguments to persuade your listeners about your viewpoint. The parties or groups are normally involved in a debate. They are those proposing and those opposing the motion.

Points to Note about Debate

  1. Get well-prepared and organized points.
  2. Itemized your points on a small paper.

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