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  1. Meaning of Electoral Commission
  2. Role or Duties of the Electoral Commission
  3. Problems of the Electoral Commission
  4. Organization of the Electoral Commission
  5. History of the Electoral Commission in Nigeria


Meaning of Electoral Commission

An electoral commission is a politically independent and impartial body charged with the responsibility of conducting free and fair elections in a country. It is generally established by the constitution to guarantee autonomy. Their functions are stipulated in the constitution of the country. In Nigeria presently, it is called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in 1979 it was called Federal Electoral Commission (FEDECO).


Role or Duties of the Electoral Commission

  1. Organises and conducts free and fair elections in a country.
  2. Delimitation of the country into constituencies.
  3. Registration of political parties.
  4. Registration of eligible voters.
  5. Screening of candidates.
  6. Appointments and training of electoral officers.
  7. Provision of adequate electoral materials to voters
  8. Counting of ballot papers.

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