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Ceramic is a material made of clay and cement that has been made permanently hard by heat

Properties of Ceramics

  1. Heat-resistant (they do not allow heat to pass through easily)
  2. Brittle (they break easily)
  3. Heavy
  4. Resistant to corrosion ( they do not rust)
  5. They can be decorated in a wide range of colours, textures and design.

Uses of Ceramics

1. Bricks and Tiles: Fried bricks are used in modern construction work. They have an added advantage over cement bricks in that if properly laid, there is no need to paint them. Glazed tiles are very common in the house e.g. floor tiles, wall tiles and sanitary tiles

2. Refractory and insulation: Specially fried bricks are used for the inner lining of furnaces used for melting. This is as a result of their high fire resistant ability and their insulating property.

3. Household utensils: Ceramics are used in the production of chinaware, earthenware, stone ware and porcelain.

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