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  1. The Meaning of Sanitation
  2. Types of Sanitation
  3. How to Carry Out Personal Cleanliness
  4. Advantages of Observing Personal Cleanliness
  5. Disadvantages of Not Observing Personal Cleanliness
  6. The Importance of Sanitation


The Meaning of Sanitation

Sanitation is the removal of all kinds of waste that could be considered unpleasant from our immediate environment, in order to keep ourselves and our environment clean and healthy.

Types of Sanitation

The types of sanitation are as follows:

(i) Environmental Sanitation: This refers to the practice or ways of keeping our surrounding clean and healthy by removing all kinds of waste from our rooms, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and surroundings such as markets, schools etc.

(ii) Personal cleanliness: This is the keeping of one’s body and personal belongings neat, clean and tidy always. Personal cleanliness is important for health because it prevents very tiny organisms (micro-organisms) which can cause diseases.


How to Carry Out Personal Cleanliness

We can carry out personal cleanliness by doing the following:

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