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  1. Meaning of the Opportunity to Defend Oneself
  2. Opportunities to Defend Oneself


Meaning of the Opportunity to Defend Oneself

This concept is also known as self-defence. It deals with the ability of an individual to defend themself. It can also be seen as the struggle for survival. This shows that life is the most important value to be desired and everything at ones disposal can be done to persevere and defend life. The primary reason for the establishment of government is to protect life. The 1948 United Nations Organization (UNO) declaration provides on the defense of human life. It relates to how to make life more meaningful, enjoyable and productive. In the light of this, individuals have an in-built, God-given mechanism called life preservation instincts for self-preservation. This instinct include:

  1. The instinct to avoid destructive conflicts.
  2. The instinct to be sheltered and protected.
  3. The acquisitive instinct which engenders man to amass wealth as a protective mechanism.
  4. The instinct of self-defense.

Opportunities to Defend Oneself

  1. Opportunities in the judiciary.

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