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  1. Meaning of Indirect Rule
  2. The Reasons for the Adoption of Indirect Rule
  3. Indirect Rule in Northern Nigeria
  4. Indirect Rule in Western Nigeria
  5. Why Indirect Rule Failed Partially in the West
  6. Indirect Rule in Eastern Nigeria
  7. Why Indirect Rule Failed Significantly in the East
  8. Merits and Demerits of the Indirect Rule System


Meaning of Indirect Rule

Indirect rule was introduced in Nigeria by Sir Lord Frederick Lugard. It is a process by which the British ruled through chiefs and their councils which were intermediaries. It can as well be seen as the system whereby the traditional rulers in British colonies were used to rule their own people under the supervision of the British officials. In other words, the local traditional political institutions were employed by the colonial masters to rule the natives.

The practice was very successful in northern Nigeria but in the south, it was not so successful.

Under the system, the traditional rulers, Chiefs, Obas, Emirs and the traditional council of elders were constituted into native authorities and used for the day to day administration of their areas.

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