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  1. Introduction
  2. The Hausa/Fulani Pre-colonial Emirate System
  3. Structure of the Hausa/Fulani Pre-colonial Administration
  4. Forms of Taxation in the Emirates
  5. Functions of the Emir in the Hausa/Fulani Traditional Political System



Prior to the arrival of colonial masters in Africa, the people of Africa had their own unique system of political organization. There were structures and institutions responsible for law making, implementation, interpretation and adjudication.

Pre-colonial political system refers to the method of political administration adopted in Africa before the advent of the colonial masters.

These political systems include:

  1. the Hausa/Fulani emirate system
  2. the Yoruba political system
  3. the Igbo political system


The Hausa/Fulani Pre-colonial Emirate System

Hausa/Fulani pre-colonial political system can be credited to the Holy war (Jihad) fought by Uthman dan Fodio in 1804. It could be found in the Northern part of Nigeria covering areas like Kaduna, Sokoto, Kano, Zaria, etc. The system of government adopted is monarchical in nature and was popularly regarded as a highly centralized method of administration.

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