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Meaning of Contentment

Contentment simply refers to a state of being happy and satisfied with whatever an individual has now, while he or she works and hopes towards a better future. A contented person will not envy another person. He or she is self-satisfied with his or her possession.


Attributes of Contentment

  1. SATISFACTION: This is the feeling or state of being pleased with what an individual has achieved in line with his or her expectations. A man of contentment will be satisfied with whatever he has.
  2. LACK OF ENVY: The feeling of envy is absent in the mind of a person who is contended. A man contended will never envy other peoples’ achievements, possessions and successes, rather he is satisfied with what he has.
  3. ABHOR GREED: A Contended person has no business with strong desire to amass or acquire wealth in a dubious and corruption manner.
  4. HUMILITY: This is the state of meekness and lowliness of minds. A contented person is neither boastful nor arrogant, rather, tolerant, lovely and friendly.

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