JSS2 Civic Education Scheme of Work for First Term





  • Revision of work done in JSS1

National Values:

  • (a) Meaning of Integrity
  • (b) Attributes of Integrity – Probity, honesty, contentment, truthfulness, fairplay, non-compromise of principles, etc.

National Values:

  • (a) Meaning of Contentment
  • (b) Attributes of Contentment – Satisfaction with what one has, lack of envy of others, abhorrence of greed and corruption, humility, etc.
  • (c) Effects of Lack of Contentment on Society – Corruption, greed, envy, theft, prostitution, robbery and cheating, etc.
  • (a) Meaning of Discipline
  • (b) Attributes of a Disciplined Person – Self control, moderation, modesty, respect for legitimate authority, respect for rules and regulations, perseverance, dedication, etc.

National Values:

  • (a) Meaning of Courage, e.g. Exercise of boldness in carrying out positive activities in the community
  • (b) Types of Courage –
    (i) Physical courage
    (ii) Moral courage
    (iii) Spiritual Courage
  • (c) Attributes of Courageous Persons –
    (i) Commitment
    (ii) Endurance
    (iii) Determination
    (iv) Steadfastness
    (v) Diligence
    (vi) Boldness
    (vii) Bravery, etc.
  • (a) Meaning of Federation
  • (b) Need for Federation –
    (i) Mational integration
    (ii) Unity in Diversity
    (iii) Controlling the activities of  state
  • (c) Characteristics of a Federation –
    (i) Sharing of powers between central and state government
    (ii) States have constitutional control over their own affairs
    (iii) The central government controls the State
    (iv) The constitution of a federal system is supreme
  • (a) Relationship between the Federal, State and Local Government –
    (i) Perform functions according to constitutional provisions
    (ii) Power to Legislate over matters spelt out in legislative lists
    (iii) Power to carry out functions in accordance with constitutional provisions
    (iv) Provide form of governance, etc.
  • (b) Differences among the Three Tiers of Government –
    (i) Functions
    (ii) Legislative powers
    (iii) Executive powers
    (iv) Exclusive, concurrent and residual powers, etc.
  • Revision of work done in First Term

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