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  1. Evolution of Local Government in Nigeria
  2. Structure of Local Government
  3. Sources of Local Government Finance
  4. The Relationship between Local Government, State and Federal Government


Evolution of Local Government in Nigeria

Local Governments arose originally out of the need of the colonial governments to reach the ordinary people in the colonized territories.

During the colonial era, Local Government took on different forms in different parts of the country. In the North, there was a single native authority system, which had a chief and a sort of governing council ruling over a territory. The British found it useful since the North was vast and would thus have been difficult to govern from one centre. Through the chiefs the British reached the natives.

The South had a different sort of local government system. It had various administrative tiers like the multiplier local government system practiced in Great Britain. They established county councils, municipal councils, urban councils, district councils, etc. Each of these councils operated in the areas and provided similar services to the people.

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