JSS2 Civic Education Scheme of Work for Third Term





  • Revision of work done in the previous term(s)
  • (a) The Concepts of Election, Voter and Voting
  • (b) Differences between Various Types of Election
  • (c) Basic Qualifications for Election
  • (d) Responsibilities of a Voter

Election and Voters' Responsibilities

  • (a) Meaning of Electoral Malpractice
  • (b) Forms of Electoral Malpractices – Fake ballot papers, manipulation of votes, artificial scarcity of electoral materials, underage voting, thuggery, financial inducement and other corrupt practices, fake manifestoes
  • (c) Causes of Electoral Malpractices

Electoral Malpractice

  • (a) Different Ways of Observing and Reporting Common Crimes
  • (b) Types of Report Writing
  • (c) Appropriate Response to Any Crime Committed
  • (a) Meaning of Emergency Management
  • (b) Types of Emergency Management
  • (c) Appropriate Responses to Emergency Management
  • (d) Appropriate Actions to Emergency Management 
  • Revision of work done in Third Term

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