What is Gamification?

Simply put, gamification is the use of typical game design elements in non-game environments. It is the application of game play mechanics to other activities (point scoring, level locking and unlocking based on performance, halls of fame, competitive atmosphere, etc.) with a goal to increasing user engagement with content and encouraging participation. Gamification is an effective way to make difficult and otherwise boring activities exciting and engaging.

Gamification is built into the very core of the Classhall smart learning platform. It begins when a prospective user registers an account and is introduced automatically to a Quest.


A quest is similar to a mission in adventure games. It features an interactive map which shows a student their progress on the accomplishment of a specific task. Quests force students to complete a task in the exact specified order. For example, a quest might require a student to get perfect scores (100%) in 10 consecutive tests without having a lower score in-between. This can be used to guide students in their study or emphasize very important areas in the curriculum which must be properly understood. On successful completion of a quest, the student is rewarded with points, medals or promotion to a higher rank.


On, we use a ranking system to distinguish high achievers and reward consistency. When a student first registers an account, they are given the rank of a Greenhorn, which is the entry level rank on the platform. As they learn, take tests and complete lessons, their ranks increase. How fast a user increases through the ranks is a factor of how well they perform on their academic tasks and how many points they are able to accumulate in a given period of time. The highest rank at the moment is the rank of a Genius. Students who are able to attain this rank are the exceptionally dedicated and motivated students with a little spark of genius. A student’s rank is displayed on their public profile and on the Hall of Fame.


Points are the basic “currency” on the platform with which performance is rewarded. It is the fundamental element  through which the objects of learning and interaction are gamified. Rewards and penalties are based on the award and retraction of points respectively.

All lessons on have huge question banks of relevant questions from which a test is given at the end of the lesson. The student must pass a lesson with a predetermined percentage score to unlock the next lesson on the scheme of work for that subject. If a student passes a test with 70% as a pass mark, they are automatically awarded 5 points. If they achieve a perfect score of 100% on the test, they get 10 points instead for the feat. However, if they fail the test by failing to achieve the pass mark, they are deducted 15 points. This infraction is deducted from their points balance. It is possible for a student to have point deficit or a negative points balance, if for instance, they had 0 in their balance and still failed a test. In this case, they will be owing 7 points which will be settled when they eventually pass a test. A student must pass all the tests and lessons in a subject to complete the subject in any given academic term.

Medals of Honour

Medals of Honour are granted to students who are exceptional or who successfully accomplish unique feats. When a student gets a medal, a news feed is generated on their Wall and made visible to their friends and followers. Medals are also proudly displayed on a user’s public profile on the Medals section, and the Hall of Fame. This gives the student a sense of achievement and a reward for hard work.

The Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame displays the top achievers and their points and medals achieved as well as quests accomplished. This is where students see how they compare with their pairs in terms of points achieved, medals awarded and quests accomplished. plans to reward the top achievers with little gifts on a termly and annual basis to encourage our users to strive even higher for excellence.

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