The Importance of School Discipline


School discipline are systematic methods or actions, taken by teachers and school organizations, against a learner, who acts contrary to laid down rules and regulations of the school. Majority of rules, set in schools, were carefully set out to allow for the free implementation of School’s policies and the overall comfort of students as well as ensuring a stable and conducive environment for learning.

For learners to adhere to school rules, to avoid unnecessary discipline, it is important they are oriented on the necessities of those rules, and the disciplinary measures that have been put in place to ensure compliance. When students understand why majority of the rules are made, they are psychologically taken in as custodians of the rules, and are more likely to be less resistant to them.

With the competitive increase in private schools in all the localities of the federation, and the subsequent quest for students who are viewed as commercial products, most private school owners have placed and found themselves in compromising positions. For fear of loosing learners, who most times are privy of the sacred crow’s labels placed on their foreheads, the standards that is necessary to keep pupils and students in check, for a better society is reduced to the barest minimum.

Discipline cannot be over-emphasized; discipline, when done properly, instills the proper mindset, that is necessary for good behaviour.

Below, are some core essence of discipline.

A Saner Society

The problems we are currently facing as a nation, are offshoot of the kind of citizens we are. Our mindset of getting anything we desire at any cost is a reflection of our faulty background of a lack of discipline. When we let learners know that nothing good or worth celebrating is actually gotten through a lack of self control and disobedience to stipulated rules, we would have less individuals who by-pass rules and regulations to get a means to an end.

A Productive Society

Disciplined adults were disciplined children. In the work sector, discipline is key to meeting demands and ensuring maximum output or productivity.
Our ability to thrive as a people, and as a nation is intricately connected to how disciplined we’ve allowed ourselves become. In time management, division of labour, team work and all other aspect that ensures maximum productivity, discipline cannot be downplayed.

Social Skill

The needed competence like empathy, generosity, politeness and others, that foster or facilitate healthy interactions for a great relationship, are traits of a disciplined child. Learners who are not properly and positively disciplined become adults who are mostly uncouth, selfish, unruly and mannerless; these negative traits are hurled on whatever relationship they go into.
Since no one wants a relationship with someone who lacks basic social skills or someone who constantly runs them down, they tend to avoid such individuals.

Individuals, who are mostly isolated, because of a lack in basic social skills, turn out to be majorly unhappy, depressed and view life from a very poor perspective.

Self Control

The real essence of discipline is for self control. When at an early age, learners are positively restrained and made to understand that there is a limit to everything they can get, they gradually begin to master the virtue of self control.
Being in control of one’s desires, feelings, thoughts and all, are parts of the essentials for a content, safe and very happy life.

A Sense of Responsibility

Making learners aware of what is expected of them, why it is expected, and how they can get these things done, is an aspect of discipline. Children become adults and leaders of tomorrow. We shouldn’t over pamper them by subtly giving them the wrong notion that life is a bed of roses. When they are given tasks to perform, and are made to understand that they would be held liable for certain things as regards that particular task, we would have successfully instilled in them a culture or mindset of responsibility needed for a near perfect, adult life.


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