What is Smart Learning?

Smart learning is the use of specialized digital technology to access educational content and learning resources. It is a subset of electronic learning which leverages artificial intelligence to enhance learning by combining personalized lesson delivery, assessments, game play mechanics and collaboration into one robust platform accessible anytime, and on any device.

A smart learning app is a software that bundles these elements into an installable mobile or desktop application.

Why Every Student Needs a Smart Learning App

In today’s digital age, every student needs a smart learning app on their smart phones. The reasons are not far-fetched

1. Learning has gone beyond brick and mortar classrooms: Since the invention of the Internet and smart devices, teaching and learning has gradually metamorphosed from a static in-classroom activity to a dynamic experience not limited by school walls, time and distance.

2. Personalized Learning: With a smart learning app, personalized, self-paced learning is now made available anywhere and anytime, unleashing endless new possibilities for the learner.

The student becomes a proactive leader of the learning process rather than a bored, uninterested follower, which often obtains in a teacher-centred physical classroom setting.

3. Access to a broad range of educational resources: With smart learning, a plethora of educational resources carefully selected to suit the needs of the student are made easily available with a few clicks. This include, but is not limited to, curriculum-compliant and media-rich lessons, standardized computer-based tests, platforms for student collaboration, interactive, digital and downloadable content. These resources, even though available in a typical classroom, are mostly used for whole classes or groups and usually unavailable outside the classroom. Plus only a handful of schools out of thousands can afford such resources. A smart learning app guarantees the affordability and accessibility of these resources, creating a win-win scenario for both students and schools, regardless of budget.

4. Guaranteed Learning: The main difference between plain electronic learning and smart learning is the latter’s use of artificial intelligence to enhance comprehension and retention of the material. While electronic learning simply makes educational content available via the Internet, smart learning goes a step further to engage the learner’s faculties using cutting edge educational technology like performance-aware lessons and assessments, gamification, interactive quest maps and progress control. As an example, ClassHall performance-aware function knows when a student does not understand a lesson properly and prevents them from progressing to the next lesson unless they are thoroughly grounded in the prerequisite lesson. This is in stark contrast to what happens in typical classrooms where new lessons are taught whether or not the prerequisite lesson is understood. Such progress control helps to ensure that the learner is not only grounded in the lessons, but is also completely familiarized with all forms of assessments on that lesson like end-of-term exams, SSCE, and UTME, since the questions are culled from real standardized exams. Each lesson contains a huge database of questions from these exams from which a few are randomly displayed at the end of the lesson. A learner is permitted to take the tests as many times as possible until they get the pass mark required to unlock the next lesson. However, each time they attempt the test, they are shown a completely different set of questions on that particular lesson.

5. Learning is Fun: With a smart learning app, studying does not have to be the usual boring experience of flipping through pages of dense, weighty books. Studying can and should be a much more fun and rewarding experience. This is why gamification plays a pivotal role in smart learning. Elements of game play are built into lessons and assessments in such a way that each lesson is like an interesting adventure. Like an adventure game, every lesson is embellished with challenges which the learner must overcome to move on to the next stage. Points are earned on successful completion of the stage or lost otherwise. Badges of honour and medals are won, and new ranks are attained. All these keep the learner focused and dedicated to completing the lesson. Learning could not be more fun.

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