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  1. Formation of the All Peoples Party (APP)
  2. Sources of Finance for the APP
  3. Objectives of the APP


Formation of the All Peoples Party (APP)

The All People’s party (APP) grew out of the enthusiasm national party, after the lifting of the ban or political activities by the General Abdulsalam Abubakar administration in July 1998. In the group was Arthur Nzeibe of the infamous Association for Better Nigerians.

Dr. Olusola Saraki, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Olu Falae, Odumagwu Ojukwu, Gamaliel Onosode, Bankole, Mahmud Waziri, Bode Olajumoke, and Joseph Wayas. All the same, the party contested the elections into the local government councils and came second to the PDP. It also did well at the state houses of assembly, national assembly and gubernatuional elections. The party won nine (9) gubernational seats in the elections and the states were Sokoto, Kebbi, Zanfara, Bornu, Yobe, Kogi, Gombe, Jigawa and Kwara.

The party exhibited a conservative posture. It was a defender of northern interest within the federation. Thereafter, the APP suffered a fractional split and contested next round of election in 2013 as the All Nigerian People’s Party.

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