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  1. Formation of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN)
  2. Organizational Structure of the NPN
  3. Sources of Finance for the NPN
  4. The Leadership of the NPN
  5. The Aims and Objectives of the NPN
  6. Achievements/Contributions of the NPN


Formation of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN)

The National Party of Nigeria (NPN) was partly an offshoot of the NPC of the First Republic). The majority of the leaders were from the former NPC, e.g. Ali Monguno, Adamu Ciroma, Adisa Akinloye (the party’s chairman) Shehu Shagari and others.


Organizational Structure of the NPN

There are four levels of organisation:

Level one was made up of the town, clan, district and ward.

The local government area was classified under level two.

The third was the state, while the national constituted the fourth level. Each of these levels had a secretarial. The national connection was the supreme authority of the party. It meetings were held once in a year, but a special convention could be held at any time, at the request of the national executive committee, or two-thirds of all the state executive committees.

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