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  1. The Consequences of Military Rule
  2. The Structure of the Military Government in Nigeria

The Consequences of Military Rule

The following are the consequences of military rule in Nigeria:

  1. Keeping the country together: The first major effect of military rule in Nigeria was the keeping of the country together as one geographical entity. The thirty-month fratricidal war, fought by soldiers in Nigeria was aimed at keeping the country together.
  2. Maintenance of Peace: Since the end of the civil war, the reign of the military in Nigeria has been that of peace and unity, which has created fertile ground for national development, rather than dissipation of energy on political rivalry, vain propaganda and fanning of embers of tribalism as was the case during the dancing days of politics in the first and second republics.
  3. Creation of States: Nigeria was divided into twelve states on May 27, 1967 and 19 states on February 3, 1976 by Gowon and Muritala administrations respectively.

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