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  1. The Concept of Revenue Allocation
  2. Revenue Allocation in the Nigerian Federalism
  3. Revenue Allocation Formula in Nigeria
  4. Conflicts Over Each Adopted Revenue Formula
  5. Commissions and their Recommendations
  6. The Problems of Nigerian Federalism

The Concept of Revenue Allocation

Revenue allocation is the distribution or division of total income, or revenue, in a business, corporate organization or government. It involves a complex process that entails how and where to allocate revenues in order to ensure the viability of departments and maintain the operating structure of the organization.


Revenue Allocation in the Nigerian Federalism

The idea of revenue allocation came up with the creation of regions in 1946 and with the introduction of federalism in Nigeria in 1954, by the Lyttleton Constitution. Different commissions were set up at different times to recommend to the government an acceptable formula, and the following were recommended by some of the commissions that were setup:


Revenue Allocation Formula in Nigeria

  1. Derivation: It is based on the principle that a given proportion be given to those areas where the revenue is generated or derived from.

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